Dreamer Profile Series: Dreamers that “Make It Happen” for Themselves

Successful entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own individual purpose and Dreams. What if you don’t necessarily want to be a CEO, a startup founder or a celebrity? Determining what type of Dreamer you are will help position you to effectively STRETCH to pursue your Big Dream on the path — and at a pace — that’s right for you.

In my new book, The Big STRETCH, I describe five Dreamer personality types that I’ve discovered from helping thousands of professionals reach their Dreams through The Dream Project, and how each defines and pursues success in their own unique way.

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In this five-part blog series, I’m exploring each of the five Dreamer personalities in detail as a starting point to explore how we Dream, why we Dream and ultimately how to make our Dreams a reality. (Read my previous post on Careerpreneur Dreamers if you haven’t already!) Today, I’m talking about bold, proactive, driven Make-It-Happen Dreamers.

Who are Make-It-Happen Dreamers?

People who feel confined by a traditional, 9-5 job but thrive when given the freedom and flexibility to pursue their goals on their own terms are what I like to call “Make-It-Happen” Dreamers. You know, that person who always has a “hustle” going, who thrives when juggling many projects, who’s never worked for someone else a day in their life. “Make-It-Happen” Dreamers are barbers, flower shop owners, restauranteurs, or other serial entrepreneurs in your community. They’re everywhere!

Unlike Careerpreneur Dreamers, Make-It-Happen Dreamers can’t realize their aspirations within the walls of an existing organization or corporate environment, so they dare to break the mold and make it happen themselves.

How to tell if you’re a Make-It-Happen Dreamer

You feel stifled by rules, routines and schedules, but don’t mind a little risk in pursuit of your Dream. You may have trouble holding down a traditional 9-5 position, or perhaps you’ve never worked for someone else at all. Instead, you prefer to hustle, working on your own projects and charting your own course through life to achieve your Big Dream.

Here are some of my VERY FAV Make-It-Happen Dreamers of all time. These individuals have found a way to thrive on their own terms using their talents and passions to entrepreneurial ventures.

How to thrive as a Make-It-Happen Dreamer

To live a truly fulfilling life as a Make-It-Happen Dreamer, stop trying to fit yourself into the confines of traditional corporate roles — and stop listening to those who want you to! Determine entrepreneurial paths for yourself that will allow you to start your own business, express your purpose, and watch your Dream thrive.

All Dreamers, but especially Make-It-Happen Dreamers, should watch out for “Dream bullies” — those who unintentionally (or perhaps even well-intentionally) try to derail you from pursuing your Dream on your own path. Dream bullies will try to keep you stuck as you are, confined to their limited possibilities, because what you’re doing makes them uncomfortable. Remember that you are a dynamic human being with the capability of creating multiple versions of yourself over time to achieve your best life – and only you can determine the level of risk you’re willing to take on your Dream journey.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this inspiring Dreamer profile! Meet me back here next week, when I’ll be putting a spotlight on a different kind of Dreamer who finds fulfillment pursuing a “side hustle” or personal passion while still keeping their day job.

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Yours in the Dream,