Dreamer Profile Series: Activist Dreamers and the power of purpose

Hey there, Dreamers! I love, love, love all the feedback everyone has been sharing over the past few weeks as we’ve delved into the five Dreamer profiles and what it means to STRETCH to reach your Dreams. Keep your comments coming, and let’s keep inspiring each other on our Dream journeys!

I’ve spent more than 15 years deliberately exploring my purpose to achieve a more meaningful, satisfying and remarkable life than I ever could have imagined. The pursuit of my purpose led me to leave a secure corporate position in favor of an uncertain future, launch an award-winning multicultural marketing firm, EGAMI Group, and found The Dream Project to help other Dreamers live their purpose.

In the fifth and final installment of this Dreamer profile series based on insights from my new book, The Big STRETCH, I’m highlighting a type of Dreamer who takes the concept of being purpose-inspired to a whole new level: the Activist Dreamer.

Who are Activist Dreamers?

Activist Dreamers see a problem and want to be the solution. They feel compelled to solve societal problems, spearheading ventures that address community challenges, social injustices and local or even global issues. These Dreamers not only get involved in organizations and in their communities to make the world a better place, they start entire movements that change the world – often with a small team of volunteers and an even smaller budget.

How to tell if you’re an Activist Dreamer

If you feel driven to devote yourself to solving societal issues and are motivated by purpose over profit, you are definitely an Activist Dreamer. The world needs more Dreamers like you, so continue courageously using your talents as a force for positive change.

These are some of my favorite A-List Activist Dreamers. All of these world-changers are using their positions to dedicate time / energy to make the world a better place.

  • Christine Caine, author and founder of the anti-human-trafficking organization, A21
  • Tim King, founder of Chicago’s award-winning Urban Prep Academies
  • Tarana Burke, #MeToo Movement founder and activist
How to thrive as an Activist Dreamer

Feel like an activist but don’t know where to start on your Dream journey? Identify your “Dream irritant” — a problem that truly pains you — and set out to be the solution! When an injustice or issue tugs at your heart and you find yourself saying, “Somebody should do something about this!” that somebody is you. No more sitting around and waiting for someone else to come to the rescue. If a problem is keeping you up at night, it’s probably a purpose worth pursuing as an Activist Dreamer.

If you’re not in a position to risk yourself financially in pursuit of an Activist Dream, start small. Volunteer for organizations that fight for issues you care about and explore how to use elements of your day job as a force for change. Then, if you still feel compelled to put more of your efforts behind a cause, plan how to launch your own nonprofit that addresses your “Dream irritant.”

Pinpointing what kind of Dreamer you are is the first step to making your Big Dream a reality. Now that we’ve covered each of the Dreamer Profiles outlined in The Big STRETCH – Careerpreneur Dreamer, Make-It-Happen Dreamer, Hobby Dreamer, CEO Dreamer and Activist Dreamer — what kind of Dreamer are you? Does one personality type exactly describe you, or are you a mixture of two or more?

If you’re still unsure, take my Dreamer Profile Assessment to determine your Dreamer personality, tap into your full potential and start chasing the life of your Dreams.

I hope these blogs are energizing and inspiring you to pursue your big idea, career goals, passion project or creative Dream! (I know I’m feeling invigorated and inspired!) Be sure to visit next week, when I’ll be discussing how to discover your purpose – an essential force that will enable you to relentlessly pursue your goals over the long run.

Keep STRETCHing yourself to reach your Dream!

Forever your Dream Coach,